21st World Petroleum Congress

15 - 19 June, 2014, Moscow, Russia

The Organising Committee of the 21st World Petroleum Congress and Exhibition is very glad to present a diversified pre and post tours programme that covers an exciting trip to the Northern Venus of Russia – Saint Petersburg and ancient cities of Russia situated in a short drive from Moscow – the Golden Ring.

We have arranged one option of the pre tour to Saint Petersburg and two options of post tours to the Golden Ring and Saint Petersburg to be held on the following dates accordingly:

Pre & Post Tours to Saint Petersburg  

Dates: 11-14 June 2014/ 20-23 June 2014

This is a fascinating tour to the 'Venice of the North' with its numerous canals and more than 400 bridges, is the result of a vast urban project begun in 1703 under Peter the Great. Later known as Leningrad (in the former USSR), the city is closely associated with the October Revolution. Its architectural heritage reconciles the very different Baroque and pure neoclassical styles, as can be seen in the Admiralty, the Winter Palace, the Marble Palace and the Hermitage. Peterhof with its magnificent fountains and park and Puskin (Tsarkoye Selo), summer residence of the last Tsar, that includes the Catherine Palace and the famous Amber Room.

Please follow the links below in order to find out more about the pre & post tours to Saint Petersburg.

Post Tour to the Golden Ring  

Dates: 20-21 June 2014

Experience a unique tour to one of the most exciting regions in Russia - famous 'Golden Ring' of cities to the northeast of Moscow. This ancient heart of Russia with its old whitewashed city walls and venerable onion-domed churches created the world's definition of medieval Rus. In this enchanted region - which has remained relatively untouched by tourist crowds - time stands still. The main currents of history ignored these cities, leaving towns such as Vladimir, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Rostov Velikiy, and Yaroslavl as quaint and perfect as when they were first constructed.

Please follow the links below in order to find out more about the post tour to the Golden Ring.

Please note the following important information of booking:

- All Pre and Post Tour reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking, thus we strongly recommend you to book early.
- Before booking the tour please read carefully the Terms & Conditions of Pre Tour Booking (11-14 June 2014), Terms & Conditions of Post Tour Booking (20-23 June 2014) and Terms & Conditions of Post Tour to Golden Ring Booking.
- Please, take comfortable shoes and clothes for the excursions and also note, that clothes you plan on wearing to visit churches and palaces should be appropriate (shoulders and thighs are not exposed, heads covered). Besides, we highly recommend you to leave all valuable belongings in the safety box at the hotels.

For any enquiries please contact:

Academservice LLC
Appointed  Destination Management Partner of the 21st WPC

Address:   28a, Shipilovskaya Street, 115563, Moscow, Russia
Phone:     +7 (495) 660-90-90, ext. 1201
Fax:       +7 (495) 662 43 52
E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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